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International Consultants offers security consulting, corporate investigations, electronic intrusion detection and monitoring systems to the upstate New York region.

1993 IC Vigilance is relocated to the Northern Virginia area specializing in Criminal Defense work and Defense Investigations in the Washington DC area.
Services are expanded to include Insurance Investigations, Corporate Undercover Operations, Missing Persons, Special Event Security, Hostile Environment Reconnaissance operations, Counter Surveillance and Surveillance, and Law Enforcement/Security Training.

1993 - Current Provided consultation used in the creation of regulations designed by the newly created Department of Criminal Justice Services.
Provided consulting and classroom instruction in various private and corporate sector security training facilities.

1995 Performed the defense investigation relative to the US v. Chadwick 1995 1st Degree Murder Washington DC. The detailed investigation results led to an acquittal.

1995 - 1997 Functioned as security consultants to William Glay Sr., Congress Person of Liberia.

1996 Involved in the Security operations of the Washington Post Super Sale Gala attended by such notable personalities as Princess Diana and General Colin Powell 1996.

1998 - 2000 Current clients include the Security Forces of the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City Pentagon Mall (defensive/offensive equipment training and security officer tactics), Benchmark Properties Lansdowne Resort & Conference Center, and Milan Dimitrijevic of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (Audio Visual Unit Washington DC).

2000 to Current Started a new inititiave to improving local communities by voluntarily providing security consulting advice to several local public education facilites and homeowner associations.

2002 - 2004 Functioned as consultants to Dushko S. Zdravkovich, Amicus Curiae to the International Tribunal of Justice at the Hague.

2007 Provided inner circle security detail for Vice President Dick Cheney at the Lansdowne Resort.