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International Security Academy

All courses are taught by a Virginia DCJS Private Security Instructor.
Courses and content can be customized to meet your specific goals and objectives.

  • Access Control Procedures and Equipment Training
  • American Red Cross CPR and First Aid Training
  • Bail Bondsman
  • Bail Enforcement Agent
  • Bomb Threat Crisis Management and IED Recognition
  • Certified Monadnock Instructor Trainer PR24
  • Certified Monadnock MDTS Training
  • Certified Monadnock PR-24 and Expandable Baton Training
  • Certified OC Aerosol Projector Training
  • De-escalation Techniques and Racial Sensitivity Training
  • Electronic Security Subjects
  • EMDD (Electronic Muscular Disruption Devices) Training
  • Executive Hostile Environment Survival Training
  • Firearms and Qualifications
  • Handcuffing and Defensive Tactics
  • Handcuffing and Supervisor Training
  • Law Enforcement/Security NRA Firearms Training
  • Locksmith
  • Monadnock Expandable Baton Instructor*
  • Monadnock PR-24 Instructor-Trainer*
  • NRA Firearms Instructor - Handgun and Shotgun
  • Personal Protection Specialist
  • Private Investigator
  • Retired Law Enforcement Firearms Qualification
  • Security Forces Crowd Control Formation Training
  • Security Officer Training1
  • Special Conservator of the Peace
  • Unarmed Self-Defense and Empty-Hand Control Tactics
  • Virginia Certified Advanced PPS Handgun Training
  • Virginia Certified Anti Terrorism Training (SLATE Program)
  • Virginia Certified Armed Security Officer Training
  • Virginia Certified Bail Bondsman Training
  • Virginia Certified Bail Recovery Agent Training
  • Virginia Certified Central Station Dispatcher Training
  • Virginia Certified Electronic Security Core Subjects Training
  • Virginia Certified Electronic Security Sales Training
  • Virginia Certified Electronic Security Technician Training
  • Virginia Certified LEO Safety Act Qualification
  • Virginia Certified Personal Protection Specialist Training
  • Virginia Certified Private Investigator Training
  • Virginia Certified SCOP Handgun Training
  • Virginia Certified SCOP Special Conservator of the Peace Training
  • Virginia Certified Security Officer Training
  • Virginia Certified Security Rifle Training
  • Virginia Entry Level and In-Services Training

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Image of Apprehension Training
1 Unarmed/Armed Security Officer training is available for the following states: Virginia (88-1248), Maryland, Washington, DC, New York, New Hampshire
   Certified DCJS Instructor Catagories: IN01, IN02, IN05, IN06, IN07, IN08, IN09, IN25, IN30, IN31, IN32, IN35, IN38, IN39, IN40, IN44, Security Rifle

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