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Consulting Services

Legal Defense (Testimony/Expert Witness)
Commercial (Internal Investigations)
Industrial (Corporate Counter-espionage/Undercover Operations)
Civil (Assets Discovery/Record Research)

Risk Mitigation
Threats can occur at any time and come in all forms - disgruntled employees, attackers, natural disasters, man-made, criminal and even accidental.
Threats seek to exploit your company’s vulnerabilities and cause irrecoverable damages.
Our experts can help you decrease risk by reducing vulnerabilities.
We design and implement a full series of counter measures and safeguards to significantly lessen the impact of threats.
How much down time can your company afford to lose in the event of a disaster?

Security Evaluations (Security Program Testing and Evaluation)
Penetration Studies (Scope Performance Tests - Security Penetration)
Access Control Formulation/Evaluation
"Shopping Services" (Quality Assurance, ABC Checks, Regulations Adherence)
Workplace Violence Prevention
Special Events Security Coordination
Executive Protection Formulation/Evaluation
Dignitary Protection Formulation/Evaluation
Security Training Formulation - Proprietary/Contract
Security Awareness Program Formulation

♦ We guarantee confidentiality, discretion and anonymity for all our clients.

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